You can register for GNSEF even if you have not been to another regional or school science fair. However, in order to meet all the registration requirements, there are some forms that must be filled out BEFORE you begin your project.

Step 1:

Use the Rules Wizard for the International Science and Engineering Fair. Answer the questions as required for your type of project. You may need the assistance of your teacher to answer all of the questions.  The Wizard will give you a list of required forms.

Forms required for ALL participants (101kb)–Three forms are required for ALL participants: the

Step 2:

You or your teacher can register you for the Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair. It is now possible to pay for your registration online using a credit card, or you can submit the form and send a check. Registration is $25 per student or $50 for team projects with two students.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email. This email provides confirmation of RECEIPT of your registration. Later you’ll receive another confirmation after your project has been reviewed and accepted. Please make sure all the required forms have been submitted in advance of your registration.